Asset Management Solutions was founded in April of 2003 with a primary focus in utilizing technology to provide comprehensive Asset and Maintenance Management solutions to our clients.

Our mission is to maximize Return on Investment through optimization of the Financial and Operation performance of our clients Assets.  With this goal in mind, our consulting resources are software specialists with numerous years of implementation experience and each possesses technical, industry, and management expertise.



Worked for software company (JD Edwards) 1996-2003

Started AMS in 2003, expanded into Canada 2016


As previously discussed, we have a very specific skillset that is very rare at the caliber we offer it. In North America, I’m one of about 20 people who know the software I do, but in the experience/skills level, I’m probably in the top 2-3 in the world.  I think AMS has a solid reputation of being able to deliver solutions where others screw it up.




Scott Hollowell

CEO and Solutions Architect

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Adam Goodge

VP of Solutions

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